Mummy Beads; Egypt; T375


Mummy Beads

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Very fragile string of turquoise tube beads, interspersed with coloured disc beads which has been restrung.

These types of beads were individually crafted in ancient times out of clay-like faience. This normally plain coloured material turned vibrant shades of various colours when fired, blue green or turquoise being the most common. Egyptian faience was very widely used for small objects from beads to small statues. It was the most common material for scarabs and other forms of amulet and shabti figures, and used in most forms of ancient Egyptian jewellery.

An old note found with the beads reads "'Mummy Beads' 2,000 years B.C. Found by Nosey Croucher (famous archaeologist) at Heliopolis 1917".

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Tube beads approximately 11mm L each

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Whangarei Museum, Kiwi North

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