Purple silk brocade dress c.1870's; Unknown; c.1870's; 1982_38_1-2


Purple silk brocade dress c.1870's

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Purple silk brocade two piece dress c.1870's. Brocade is a woven pattern of a shamrock repeating in a dark purple with lighter ground. 1. Double breasted jacket decorated with ruffles and dark blue velvet. Fourteen large dark blue velvet covered buttons close the double breasted front. Neckline has dark blue velvet collar and short lapels with the purple brocade between. Long fitted two piece sleeves with a large dark blue velvet ribbon around wrist with purple brocade pleated ruffles either side, a large velvet bow sits on the top of the top ruffle. The bottom edge of the jacket is decorated with a velvet border edged with one pleated ruffle. Jacket is tailored to a corseted waist, with many darts at the front waist, the back is made from five pieces molding to the back, then flaring at the bottom to make a fish tail. A large stripe of velvet runs down centre back with two large velvet buttons either side at waist. The jacket is fully lined with brown polished cotton. 2. The skirt is the same material and very full, especially at back, made to be worn over a bustle. Front is plain to about the knee then decorated with rows of the blue velvet ribbon alternating with a pleated ruffle repeated four times to the floor. This pattern finishes at the sides where it meets a vertical strip of velvet ribbon and pleated ruffle. The back then is plain but very full, the only decoration at the bottom with two rows of blue velvet ribbon and a much longer pleated ruffle at hem edge. At about hip level on the vertical ruffle there are two long ties that can be tied over the bottom in a bow to hold the material in place, these are decorated at ends with two rows of velvet and a pleated ruffle at hem. Side back placket opening closed with metal hooks and eyes, plain black cotton waistband, lined with polished cotton. This dress is said to belong to the wife of Dr Thomas Aickin the great grandparents of Joy Aickin or it could be their daughter Eleanor Coates as there is a similar dress 1997_625_1-2.



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1. 68.6cm length x 38cm width, 2. 162.5cm length x 29.5cm width at waist.

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ladies ensemble c.1870's

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Miss Joy Aickin

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