996 Lt. BLOW, Eric; c.1939-1960; T5 2012_46_1-3


996 Lt. BLOW, Eric

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A collection of photographs of 996 Lt. Eric Harold Blow. When War broke out he was in Europe and with a group of fellow New Zealanders who formed what became known as 'The Hollywood Battery', a propaganda force to help persuade people to join the war effort, they were filmed and photographed for newsreels and newspapers as example of men fighting from the Dominions. He was a territorial officer 1935-56, a Subaltern, 2NZEF 1939-46, Troop commander 34th battery NZ REg. NZ Artillery. He served in UK, Egypt, Libya and Greece and was wounded at Thermopylae in 1941 while riding a motorcycle. He was captured in 1941, taken POW until 1945 moved around Salonika, Lubeck, Possel, Warburg and Eishstatt. 1. Photograph of Eric as a POW - he is holding a slate board with prisoner number '3397'. 2. Photograph of Eric after the war. 3. Photograph of Eric on a camel in Egypt with another soldier friend.

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Photograph, WW2

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Colin Blow

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T5 2012_46_1-3

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