Photo scrapbook WW1; Popsy Sterling; c.1960's; 2005_310


Photo scrapbook WW1

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Scrapbook with a collection of photographs and memorabilia taken by Tpr. Thomas Sterling and his brother Sgt. Frederick Sterling who served with the Auckland Mounted Rifles in the Middle East during WW1. These photo's belonged to Tom and were pasted in and named by his wife Popsy sometime later, possibly in the 1960's. The scrapbook covers the entire journey of the A.M.R. trough the Middle East, through places such as Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Jerusalem, Jaffa, Raffa, Helepolis, Port Said, Jerico, Beersheba, Alexandria, Suez Canal and Ayun Kara. Subjects covered in the photographs include, soldiers pass times, boxing matches, horse wrestling, races, cooking, living conditions, Prisoners of war, Bedouin, markets, bazaars, action, trenches, wounded, hospitals, Red cross, Zoo, Cairo, A.M.R., Wellington Mounted Rifles, Horses, dead horses. People that are photographed. Tpr. Douglas Ariell 10291, Tpr. Cecil Blong 13/2418, Tpr. Ralph Carter 16380, Tpr. Jack Cleaver 13/2420, Cpl. Harold Cullen 13/2423, Tpr. Tom Donaldson 13/178, Pte. George Dreadon 33856, Tpr. Charles Finlayson 13/183, Lt. Donald Finlayson 13/875, Tpr. Owen Finlayson 13/2435, Tpr. Rod Finlayson 13/2436, Tpr. Jack Flood 31074, Cpl. Os Hughes 11/1715, Cpl. Cedric Jenkins 13/196, Tpr. George Laing 13/2212, Rflm. Hector Martin 44650, Tpr. Murdoch McAulay 50777, Tpr. Donald McClean 13/2465, Tpr. Arthur Norman McCormic 13/2463, Cpl. Monty McMurdo 13/2466, Tpr. Donald Nesbit 13/2068, Sgt.Maj. William Palmer (Boxing match) 13/528, Russell Smith, Tpr. Bert Spick 12/230, Cpl. Reg Spick 13/231, Tpr. Rod Taylor 13/238, Tpr. Ron Trounson 16135, Tpr. Len Worthington 13/2507, also Tpr. Thomas Sterling 13/2491, Sgt. Frederick Sterling 13/291.


Popsy Sterling

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New Zealand

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28cm length x 20.5cm width x 2cm depth

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scrapbook, WW1

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Cis Ford

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