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Military Records WW1 and WW2

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Collection of Military Records WW1. 166/583 L/Cpl. Edward ANGEL. 16/434 Lt. Richard ANGEL. 16/550 Pte. William ANGEL. 24/1583 Rfm William ARMSTRONG. 21414 Pte. William ARMSTRONG( WW2). 33810 Pte. Raymond BAILEY. 12/526 Pte Harry CAMERON. 12/1586 Pte. Henry CARTWRIGHT. 17697 L/Cpl. James Earnest CLIFF. 11845 Pte. Ernest John Edmond DICK. 25688 Rfm Ian Douglas DONALDSON. 13/178 Sgt. Thomas Davies Smellie DONALDSON. 12/2687 Sgt. Alfred Earnest DRUMMOND. 12/2998 Pte. Charles DRUMMOND. 12/3307 Pte. Walter DRUMMOND. 13/2433 L/Cpl. Malcolm Innes FINLAYSON. 12/2695 L/Cpl Leon FINLAYSON. 21503 Rfm Harold Ralph FLOWER. 31983 Pte. David Edgar FRASER. 11/50 -2/50a Tpr. Robert Rooke GILPIN. 13/66 Tpr. Charles Benjamin HARRRISON. 13/548 Tpr. Henry Haywood HARRISON. 13/911 Tpr. Jeffery Arthur HARNEY. 16/444 Pte. Kohi Tahana HEMANA. 12/564 Pte. Henry Lambert HEYWOOD. 64637 Pte. John James HILL. 16405 Tpr. Royden Clifford HUBAND. 31127 Pte. William Oliver INCH. 40328 Pte. William Ralston INGRAM. 26/817 L/Cpl. William Victor JACOBSON. 16307 2nd Lt. Gilbert Lennox KING. 30822 Pte. George Alfred LEATHER.

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