Roll of Honour Kauri Timber Company 1914-1920; Harold Vivain Ward; 1918; 1984_16...


Roll of Honour Kauri Timber Company 1914-1920

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Kauri Timber Company Ltd. Roll of Honour Quo Fas Et Honos Ducunt (Where right and honour lead) 1914-1920. The Brave Know but One Death.' Large kauri panel with three shields of names of employees who went to war. Decorated with carved ferns, kauri trees and leaves and berries. This was carved by Harold Vivian Ward in 1918. He worked for The Kauri Timber Company as thier head carver. He died in 1931. H. Avery, W.F. Anderson, Sgt A. Ashby M.M., Sgt.Maj. A. J. Anderson, G. Anderson, H. Agnew, C. Aickin, S.L. Browne, L.J.R. Bickerton, S.J. Bickerton, A.J. Brookes, H. Bethell, H. Bond, W.F. Bannister, J.W. Black, Sgt. G. Bartlett, J. Boyd, A. Beggs, A. Boydikoff, F. Bradley, W. Off. B.B. Bristow, R.C. Campbell, I. Cooper, W.H. Clarke, Sgt. C.L. Cheeseman, A.E. Campbell, M.B. Carlson, A. Clune, J. Cherrington, W. Cotton, F. Campbell, J. Cronin, R. Cockburn, P. Colson, H. Cross, W. Coverley, A. Chilvers, P. Carter, H. Coffey, J. Cahill, W. Davidson, J. Duggan, C.E. Davidson, F.D. Davies, H. Davenport, D.Dunn, A. Donovan, C. Ellis, Sgt. Maj. T.H. Exton, W.A. Frood, W.H. Fryer-Raisher, T. Firth, R. Ferguson, W. Glasson, J. Coffin, W. Gilmour, S.H. Gwilliam, W. Gibbons, B. Geard, Q.M.S.H. Gordon, E. Hobbs, Sgt. H.W. Hines M.M., E. Hanlon, G. Hamilton, J.H. Harrison, J. Hibbs, H. Hancock, G. Harrison, M. Higgins, Corp. J. Harley, Capt. N. Hamilton-Smith, C. Hampstead, C. Irving, W. Irving, A. Johnson, J.J. Jackson, J.J. Jones, N.Jervis, N. Johnson, A.J.King, F.J. Kerr, E. King, G. Komene, M. Komene, C. Kelly, Sgt. T. Keay, I. Lowe, Lieut. L. Lowe, J.C. Leathart, Sgt. J.P. Lucas, J. Lardner, Lieut. H.W. Leaf M.C., J. Lemon, H. Lemon, T. Lemon, J. Lord, Corp. T. Longbottom, W.H. Larsen, K. McLean, J. McLean, A. McLeod, R. McMillan M.M., H.G. Morris, K.A. McIlwraith, J. McIlroy, J.R. McIlwraith, E. McPike, J. McKenzie, E. Marshall, W. Matthews, G. McQuillan, R. Mitchell, R. Morrison, C. Motu, W. McMullen, A. McDonald, A. McIlroy, T. McCune, J. Morrison, R. McIlwraith, B. Matai, J. Morrow, F. Marson, Sgt. R. Mathieson, H. Martin, A. McKay, Lieut. R.H. Marshall, J. Moss, T.Mushamp, J. McAlpine, E. Moyle, C.McNess, J. Muschamp, C. McLaughlin, F.C. Norton, C. Nissen, W. Norton, H.H. Neal, J. Nugent, C. O'Brien, A. Powell, Sgt.Maj. S. Postlewaight, Sgt. L.T. Peterson, W.J. Price, Sgt. W.J. Paine M.M., S.W. Pithkethley, W.F. Perry, A. Paul, M.Pearce, C. Pickersgill, W. Price, A. Pickles, Lieut. E. Rees M.C., J. Russell, D. E. Regan, J. Rhodes, E. Rhodes, H. Rouse, Sgt.Maj. H. Roberts, Lieut. W. Reid, J. Rydings, R. Richardson, W. Seymour, L.J. Sewell, G.G. Sowden, W. Sowden, A. Saies, J.W. Stone, J. Scott, A. Simmonds, K. Smith, A. Selwyn, J. Stark, A. Sorenson, F. Stagg, J. Shields, Sgt. C.H. Taylor, J. Tinson, F.J. Taylor, F. Thomas, J. Telfer, J. Turua, M. Tetori, H. Vipond, H. Warren, A.R. Wilson, E.G. Wood, Corp. J. Ware, P.S. Williams, J.H. Wood, C.H. Watson, Sgt. J. Ware, F. C. White, B.J. Watson, F.C. Watts. D. Walker, A.Williams, E.C. Williams, C. Winch, P. Whittle, J. Watson, T. Whitfield, S. Wilkinson,. W. Boyd, Sgt. H. Bruce, R. Cardno, J. Chisholm, Sgt. H.P. De Courcy M.M., O. Downs, B. Edmonds, Corp. W. Faulkner, F. Fox, P. Hamilton, R. Hamilton, A. Hayter, J. Irving, L. Corp. J. Iraia, A. Irving, J. Irving, A. Kennedy, L. Corp. T. Lee, D. Lemon, W. Moeki, R. Mackie, E.J. Marshall, G.A. Marshall, J. McAlpine, J. Mattinson, Lieut. H.V. Morey, D.L. Nolan, B. Peacock, W.J. Rhodes, J. Rathgeber, E.H. Smith, Sgt. F. Townson, J.W. Ware, W. McWatson, B. Wire.


Harold Vivain Ward

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New Zealand

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190.5cm length x 285cm width x 5.1 cm depth

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WW1 Roll of Honour

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Fletcher Challenge Ltd.

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All rights reserved

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