Writing your family history : a New Zealand guide; Rosier-Jones, Joan, 1940-; 20...


Writing your family history : a New Zealand guide


ist ed. 1997


Rosier-Jones, Joan, 1940-

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Writing Your Family History contains a wealth of valuable information on the subject of researching your family history. From getting started to selecting and storing information, developing a writing style, advice on computers, useful tips on grammar and punctuation, dealing with writer?s block, choosing the paper on which to print, or marketing and distribution in the case of a larger print run. This essential book will help you to make your family history a publication to be proud of. This is a revised edition of the successful 1997 Writing Your Family History, bringing it into 21st century with emphasis on use of the Internet for both primary and secondary research, including two additional chapters on how to begin the primary research. Contents Introduction -- 1. Getting started -- 2. Widening the search -- 3. Dancing in the mirror -- 4. Clustering -- 5. Deadlines -- 6. Writers' groups: do you need one? -- 7. Background research -- 8. Telling a thousand words -- 9. The writing process -- 10. Back to basics -- 11. More elements of clarity -- 12. Narrative drive -- 13. Four devices to make your story sing -- 14. Halfway blues -- 15. Editing techniques and exercises -- 16. Presentation -- 17. Production -- 18. Distribution -- Appendix A: List of useful websites -- Appendix B: Useful addresses -- Appendix C: Examples.

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