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Photo, Portrait of a Soldier; RAP2019.0006 Photo, Large Military Group; RAP2019.0005 Rock Fossil; RA2019.362 Crab Claw Fossil; 2015.13 Crab Claw Fossil; RA2019.355 Crab Claw Fossil; RA2019.353 Crab Shell Fossil; RA2019.354 Photo, R.N.Z.A.F. Over Forty Club; RAP2019.0004 Toki with Wooden Handle; RA2019.359 Fossil Rock/Kohatu; RA2019.361 Photo, WW2 group of soldiers; R J Thomson, Hataitai; 2001/37/I.2 Fossil Rock/Kohatu; RA2019.360