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Bill and Doreen Logue; 19-4 Logue Family; 19-3 John Logue family; 19-2 Ball: Mounted cricket ball in a WWII Prisoner of War camp, made of string from Red Cross parcels; 1942; 2019.1.41 Framed photograph Frederick Sturge REDFERN; 2019.4.1 Stump: Used in third Test between Pakistan and New Zealand, UAE, 2018; 2018; 2019.2.1 Handbuilt terracotta sculpture; Brickell, Barry 1935-2016; circa 2005; DCR-2018-121 Irish Coin; O2018.116 Ring; O2018.115 Military Badge; O2018.114  Brass Buckle; O2018.113 Military buttons; O2018.112