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Map, Business Advertisements; New Zealand Map and Guide Company; 1960s; 2021.187.01 Trowel, ceremonial; WWW Whittaker & Coy Ltd; 1937; 2021.192.01.1-.2 Mandolin Harp; United States Guitar Zither Co.; c1915; 2021.191.01 Photograph, Portrait of Mr. and Mrs. Clearwater; Clifford and Co; 1880-1885; RI.P5.92.63 Photograph, Sergeant Francis Craig and Private Albert Craig; Unknown photographer; 1914-1918; RI.P5.92.65 Photograph, Mr. and Mrs. Clayton; Unknown photographer; 1900-1910; RI.P5.92.62 Book: Nature's Argonaut - Daniel Solander 1733 - 1782; Author: Edward Duyker; 978-0522847536; RLnonumber8 Book: One Wing of England is Broken - New Zealands Mysterious Northern War 1845 - 1846; Author: James Frood; 978-1-877301-37-1; RLnonumber7 Book: Diary of Thomas Hansen (New Zealand's First European Settler) 1814-1819; Author Eric Hansen; 2020; Lnonumber5 Book: History Behind the Headstones; Author Eric Hansen; RLnonumber4 Book: Captain Jim Cottier - A Memoir; Author Jim Cottier; RLnonumber3 Photograph, Clayton, Pickett and Blomfield Families; Unknown photographer; 1900-1910; RI.P5.92.61