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Doll; Celluloid; Item SDC10473

Doll; Celluloid
Doll; Celluloid
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Dressed in blue knitted tunic. In 1920 this doll belonged to a little girl named Eileen Newey who was a pupil attending Henderson Primary School. As an adult Miss Newey was a school teacher at Henderson Primary for many years. She lived on the corner of Edmonton and Gt Nth Rd - now a reserve named Newey Corner.

Miss Eileen Newey presented the doll to the West Auckland Historical Society on 12 August 1981, after delivering a short talk. The doll was c.60 years old at the time. Miss Newey died in 1987.

According to 'Vintage Celluloid Collectibles'celluloid was introduced in the 1870s and by 1900 celluloid dolls were plentiful since it was easily moulded. Celluloid dolls were made illegal in the 1940s due to the material being very flammable. Now they are highly collectable.

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Item SDC10473
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