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Capital E - for children

E-Central is a free public space with an indoor playground and a bunch of activities for children. We host events and workshops on a regular basis. Upstairs, we have our digital Studios - MediaLab and OnTV where young people have the chance to get creative with technology. From 3D printing to digital game design, we have all the coolest technology on offer. Our National Theatre for Children has productions that tour all over the country.

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Art, Natural History, Open Air, Pacific, Science, Taonga Maori, Technology

Contact Details
Postal address iconPO Box 893, Wellington 6140
Telephone number icon64 4 384 8724
Web address iconhttp://www.CapitalE.org.nz
Email address iconcapitale.marketing@wmt.org.nz

Visitor Information
Physical address icon4 Queens Wharf, New Zealand
Hours of operation iconOffice Hours 9-5pm E Central: Mon-Fri 9am-3.30pm Sat - 9.30am - 3.30pm Dependent on current theatre show, exhibition, event...
Charges iconFree Admission into E-Central Theatre shows, workshops, school holidays and events varies in cost. Check website for more details

Wheelchair accessFunction SpacePublic ProgrammesToilets
Digital Studio - MediaLab and OnTV, Free public space, School Holiday Programmes, Education Programmes, theatre productions


What's on

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Funington City

Funington City, established in 2018, is a crazy cardboard city of creativity. It has free parking always, a well-looked after Funtanical Garden where bird feeding is encouraged, and a popular Unicorn Pet Store. ...

Dates: 18-Mar-2018, 19-Mar-2018, 20-Mar-2018, 21-Mar-2018, 22-Mar-2018, 23-Mar-2018 View more sessions


Join Urban Yoga in a fun introduction to yoga for young children using music, games, storytelling and more. Come along and enjoy stretching and movement while having fun.

Dates: 18-Mar-2018, 25-Mar-2018, 08-Apr-2018, 29-Apr-2018, 06-May-2018, 13-May-2018 View more sessions

Sing It Out

Lala is a musician extraordinaire from the Community Music Junction. Pop in for musical fun, rhythm making and action, interactive songs and world music! Suits all ages.

Dates: 19-Mar-2018, 26-Mar-2018, 02-Apr-2018, 09-Apr-2018, 30-Apr-2018, 07-May-2018 View more sessions

Little Creators

Get creative, be inspired and work on playful themed and hands-on art projects with the Capital E team! Suits age 3+.

Dates: 20-Mar-2018, 27-Mar-2018, 03-Apr-2018, 10-Apr-2018, 01-May-2018, 08-May-2018 View more sessions

Science Jam

Join Professor Inventus for wild wonderment and baffling brainstorms. The summer Jam sessions investigates balloons, baboons, full moons and cartoons. Each Science Jam will pose cunning questions and conundrums for ...

Dates: 21-Mar-2018, 28-Mar-2018, 11-Apr-2018, 09-May-2018, 23-May-2018, 30-May-2018 View more sessions

Spin Around

Spin, jiggle, jump, and jive to your hearts content in this fast and lively dance session. Suits ages 3+

Dates: 22-Mar-2018, 05-Apr-2018, 12-Apr-2018, 03-May-2018, 10-May-2018, 17-May-2018 View more sessions

Tech Explorers

Enjoy the wonder of technology as your little ones get to check out and trial robo-drawings, fun virtual worlds or banana pianos! Suits ages 3+

Dates: 04-Apr-2018, 18-Apr-2018, 02-May-2018, 16-May-2018


Step in the odd wonderland of Imagi-Nation and prepare to be wowed! This obscure, topsy-turvey world is a place of tactile and sensory discovery. Explore the landscape of Imagi-Nation, both big and small, peek into ...

Dates: 15-Apr-2018, 16-Apr-2018, 17-Apr-2018, 18-Apr-2018, 19-Apr-2018, 20-Apr-2018 View more sessions

Digital Days: SOLD OUT

Feeling creative? Step right up for a day of inspired tech fun in the Capital E Digital Studios. Back by popular demand it's the Capital E Digital Days! In a mashup of OnTV and MediaLab activities there's lots of ...

Dates: 16-Apr-2018, 23-Apr-2018

Inventor Workshop

The Imagi-Nation workshop is open! Book your children into the Inventor workshop and they will tinker, create, and make with the Capital E creative team to take home futuristic inventions and creations to play ...

Dates: 18-Apr-2018

Take a Stand

Book into this new Capital and National Library workshop about taking a stand. Celebrate the women who forged the path to equal rights and put NZ on the map. From activism to #slacktivism, young people will work ...

Dates: 25-Apr-2018