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Martinborough Colonial Museum

The building was built in 1894 as a public library for 236 pounds. It has been refurbished and furnished as a colonial cottage of the early 1900's. There is a lounge, dining room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen and scullery and a storeroom. Out the back a strongroom has been built to display the more valuable items and a number of early photographs of Martinborough and its citizens. The museum also has furnishings, clothing, and household implements of 1860-1940's as well as many early photos and maps of the district.

The town's original jail has been moved on to the site and has inside displays of early technology.

Collection Type
Historic Site, History

Visitor Information
Physical address iconThe Square, Martinborough, New Zealand
Hours of operation icon1.30-3.30pm, weekends and public holidays. Open every day during January.
Charges iconDonation