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Heather and Colleen Wharfe; 18-62

Heather and Colleen Wharfe; 18-62
Heather and Colleen Wharfe
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L to R: Heather and Ruth Wharfe dressed as Christmas angels. All the girls clothes and costumes were made by their mother Gwen Wharfe.

Mr Hannah, a surveyor, originally owned the land ( part of the Molesworth Estate and now known as Bream Tail Farm 2018) and he built the first homestead near the Trigg station. This became known as the Hannah Block. After other owners the land was purchased by Alfred Wharfe.

Alfred (known as Alf) b 1866 d 1946 was the son of John and Ann Wharfe who were amongst the first Albertlanders who settled at Port Albert, Kaipara. Alfred added to the farm and later moved the homestead, in sections, down to flatter land. In 1911 Alfred married Dora Croucher b 1877 d 1959 and they had four children. Raymond (known as Ray) b 1912 d 1983, Phyllis b 1913 d 2007, Joyce b 1917 d 1983, John Desmond (known as Jack).

In the 1940's Ray and Jack took over the farm as Wharfe Brothers Farm. Raymond married Gwenneth Wharfe nee Phillips and they had three daughters Heather, Ruth and Colleen. Ruth Wharfe married Paul Shepherd in 1971 and at that time Paul bought Raymond's share of the farm and went into a 50-50 parnership with his father-in-law, Raymond. Paul renamed the farm Bream Tail Farm. The farm was eventually sold in 1978.

The first Molesworth School was established in the 1920's on this farm after Dora Wharfe had set up the first class in the front room of their home.

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