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Balderston - O'Donovan Wedding; 18-6

Ian Balderston's Wedding; 18-6
Balderston - O'Donovan Wedding
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Maureen O'Donovan and the Balderston Family on her wedding day 14th April 1951 at St Joseph Church, Grey Lynn, Auckland. She married Ian Duncan Balderston (known as Baldy) b. 1926 d. 2009

They had 7 children.

Left to Right: Nancy Leslie 1st md Bradnam 2nd md Toovey nee Balderston, Mary Wilena Heaven nee Balderston (known as Molly), John Lawrence Balderston (known as Lawrie) standing behind, young boy Arthur Vernon Heaven, Walter Vernon Heaven (known as Vern), Kathleen Condon nee Balderston (known as Kathy), Abraham Toovey known as Abe, Margory or Marjorie Shirley Balderston nee Krieg, David Richard Logan Balderston (known as Logan), David James Balderston (known as Dave or Baldy) standing behind bride, bride Maureen Balderston nee O'Donovan, Frances Anne Balderston nee Leslie (known as Tottie), Glenton Condon (known as Glen), Frances Dolina Balderston (known as Dolly), standing behind young boy William R Bradnam (known as Bill),
Boys in front right of photo: Ronald Ian Heaven (known as Ronnie), Douglas John Balderston (son of Frances Dolina Balderston)

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