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11/1715 Cpl. HUGHES, Oswald Pennington; 1916; T5 2001_498_49

11/1715 Cpl. HUGHES, Oswald Pennington
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Portrait photograph of 11/1715 Cpl. Oswald Pennington Hughes of Maungaturoto who served in WW1 with the 7th Reinforcements, Wellington Mounted Rifles. Oswald received the Military Medal and was Mentioned in Dispatches. This portrait comes from a photo-postcard which has the autographs of some soldiers from his unit the 6th Wellington Mounted Rifles and also some from Auckland Mounted Rifles dated 18 January 1916 at Zeitoun Camp. Tpr. Colin Dalbeth 11/1681, Tpr. A Marshall 11/1726, Tpr. N.A. Wilson 11/1745, Tpr. G. Little 11/1722, Tpr. L.C. Silva 11/1740, Tpr. T.E. Donnelly 11/1684, Tpr. G. Smith 11/1741, Tpr. W.A. Boswell 11/1661, Sgt. E.C.D. Stewart 11/1650, Tpr. R. Gniders 11/1698, Tpr. A. R. Tait 11/1742, Tpr. F.J. Horn 11/1711, Tpr. S. Myers 11/1729, Tpr. R.K. Dey 11/1787, Tpr. L. Worthington 13/2507, Cpl. W.D.S. Collins 13/177, Tpr. E.J. Peacock 11/1210, Tpr. L.D. Maddison 11/896, J. Robertson 11/815.
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photograph, WW1
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T5 2001_498_49


11/1715 Cpl. Oswald Pennington Hughes
18 January 1916
6th Wellington Mounted Rifles
7th Reinforcements
Auckland Mounted Rifles
Cpl. W.D.S. Collins 13/177
J. Robertson 11/815
Mentioned in Dispatches
Military Medal
Sgt. E.C.D. Stewart 11/1650
Tpr. A Marshall 11/1726
Tpr. A. R. Tait 11/1742
Tpr. Colin Dalbeth 11/1681
Tpr. E.J. Peacock 11/1210
Tpr. F.J. Horn 11/1711
Tpr. G. Little 11/1722
Tpr. G. Smith 11/1741
Tpr. L. Worthington 13/2507
Tpr. L.C. Silva 11/1740
Tpr. L.D. Maddison 11/896
Tpr. N.A. Wilson 11/1745
Tpr. R. Gniders 11/1698
Tpr. R.K. Dey 11/1787
Tpr. S. Myers 11/1729
Tpr. T.E. Donnelly 11/1684
Tpr. W.A. Boswell 11/1661
Wellington Mounted Rifles

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